Page One

I received my first copy of the finished book in the mail today. On the first page of RDL I reference Bill Mitchell — Bill was my dean at MIT who helped me in so many ways as a junior professor. When Bill passed away, I went to his service and heard this wonderful quote attributed to him, “Blast away at it! Get it done!” It was what Bill would often say to students he worked with as they would start to overthink a problem and end up in a paralyzed intellectual state of: 1) trying to find the ideal solution (it doesn’t exist), 2) realizing that everyone’s already done everything so why try at all (which gets you all the time), or 3) wishing you had more time to think it more fully through (but knowing that it’s due tomorrow). Hearing Bill “say” that at his service was the impetus for pulling this book together as a vague idea I had, but stuck in a wishful thinking loop that I would get it done some day. Thanks Bill! JM